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A set of (10) elegant pillow-shaped boxes

A set of (10) elegant pillow-shaped boxes

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  • The minimum quantity that can be purchased is 6 sets = 60 boxes
  • We will contact you before printing
خيارات تصميم غلافك
  • Box size: 13.5X10X1.7cm
  • A two-piece box with your identity/design printed on the entire cover in high quality with a glossy or matte cellophane layer
  • For accessories projects and distributions
  • The base is white
  • Thickness cardboard 350-400 grams
  • Production time 2-7 days

Shipping to all regions of the Kingdom and the Gulf

Every product imposes its packaging style on you, but we agree that elegance of packaging is your choice of packaging.

10 pieces of high-end paper packaging boxes with designs that suit your visual identity, with colors and high quality.

These pillow-shaped boxes are suitable for accessory projects and small-sized distributions with a theme that suits the occasion.

We create a success story with you

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