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A set of (10) luxury paper boxes, large square shape

A set of (10) luxury paper boxes, large square shape

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  • The minimum quantity that can be purchased is 4 sets = 40 boxes
  • We will contact you before printing
خيارات تصميم غلافك
  • Box size: 18X18X10cm
  • A two-piece box with your identity/design printed on the entire cover in high quality with a glossy or matte cellophane layer
  • For chocolate and sweets projects, accessories and distributions
  • The base is white
  • Thickness cardboard 350-400 grams
  • Production time 2-7 days

Shipping to all regions of the Kingdom and the Gulf

Let your product packaging and attention to detail tell your customers about the uniqueness and luxury of your brand.

Luxury paper boxes with a square design. The box consists of a base and a lid.

This design has a combination of the colors of your visual identity with the white color of the carton, as your entire identity is printed on the cover.

If you are looking for packaging boxes for makeup packaging, gift packaging, corporate distributions, children’s clothing projects, or baked goods such as maamoul and cookies, this design is the appropriate choice.

Cardboard packaging boxes made in Saudi Arabia, packaged from 400 grams thick recyclable cardboard, arrive to you flat and you fold them to obtain the shape of the packaging box.

Since quality is guaranteed, why not give your customers a first impression that suits them through a luxurious package that highlights the identity of your product.

Don't neglect your product packaging as it is an integral part of your brand.

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